The Mountain.


Can I live like this forever?

Van’s tip top. She’s new.
Food run earlier.
Fuel…definitely need some.
Camera’s in hand.  Batteries half full.
Water replenished. Butane elusive.
Overall – pretty good.
Scenic lookout. This one’s just for me.
New experiences.
New friends.
Discovery Pass.
Barely scratched the surface of this area.
Gazing down into the valley.
In a dream.
Blackberry Pie.
Laid back.
Society thinned.
Civilization subsiding.
So much space.
Enormous sky.
The Stars!
High Rock next.
Memories come and go.
Thoughts meander.
Peace of mind.
Birds chirp, chipmunks squeak, flowing water nearby, the wind rustles the Evergreens.
In the distance Locomotive’s ‘ah choo chooing.
Less is more.
Icarus? Good name.
Behind every bend is Beauty.
More and more beauty.
“God has placed it all around us.”

2 thoughts on “MOUNT RAINIER

  1. The best one yet! Love the freedom and uplifting spirit of this one Kear. However….I still miss you like crazy…..Mom

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