Bodie, Ca – Genuine Ghost Town

“And now my comrades all are gone;

Naught remains to toast.

They have left me here in my misery,

Like some poor wandering ghosts.”



2 thoughts on “Bodie, Ca – Genuine Ghost Town

  1. My friend, you have an eye for making videos. They are really quite good. I’ve spent a very pleasant afternoon watching a lot of them and it keeps showing up: your talent for composing the shot and a good sense of transition. The music choice always seems to right on as well. I’m sure i’m not the only one to notice, even if I am the only one to speak up.
    By the bye, I agree with your mom, Mount Rainer Live Work Play was my favorite one too. Seems as though the van living is the most popular subject but the video quality is the real draw. Keep up your art, follow your heart and thanks a million for sharing!
    A Miami fan

  2. Great video series and blog! I also feel I have a gypsy soul of sorts and don’t truly feel satisfied unless I can be out exploring new places. Looking forward to following your journey!

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