Carry the Fire

So much has changed since I last posted.

I never intended when I first began this site all those years ago for it to become a sounding board for my more personal and most deeply held scars. The MOTO Road was only supposed to be  a way to share my travel adventures. And yet, expression did help, after all thankfully I’m still here.

Continuing in that vein, I struggled this past year.

I fell…I fell so far I wasn’t sure that I would ever make it back. A relapse into drugs and heavy alcohol use had me down and out for awhile.

I lost everything.

I’ve finally gripped muddy earth at the top of that abyss, and while it takes all my might to hold on – to not slip back into that darkness – I now have hands helping me hold on. To stay in the light.

The strangest and most unexpectedly lovely thing has happened.

I became a Naturist. And it saved my life. I stopped using drugs. I even found my spirituality. New friendships have been forged, now most like family. My inner peace while still burdened by the past has become lighter – easier to find – brighter. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m happy.

I live at a nudist colony now. It’s the most oddly unique and upbeat adventure I believe I’ve ever been a part of, all while being at home. It’s incredibly freeing…I mean, why didn’t anybody tell me nude camping was a thing? Ha.

Losing everything… to now feeling blessed by so much that I’ve gained… leaves me profoundly moved most days. I’m dreaming again. Embracing each day as the gift it is, instead of believing it the curse it had become. And most certainly still living outside the confines of any box….

So much has to be rebuilt. Piece by piece, bit by bit, I will do it. And I survived, for this I am eternally grateful.

There are still more days to travel in this life.

“Whatever the unfortunate circumstances of your upbringing or recent affairs, you made it this far. Think of it as a new beginning, a chance to still do good things.”

Carry the Fire. The hope. The Love.

At – and most certainly bound – to these shores of freedom live I,


Oh, oh, oh, P.S. getting another motorbike 🙂



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